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The Look of Childhood Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

As a child I was exposed to each of the abuses above. How it left me feeling - shame, numbing/zoning out (dissociation), lack of interest, irritability, hyper-vigilance, always on guard, few memories of childhood, few friends, emotional overload, feeling like an align (completely different than every other person in the world).....

Years later, following my own journey of recovery, I've dedicated my work to the survivors of childhood trauma. I take witness to each client's experience, and together we fine healthy ways to move forward.

 Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse experience an array of overwhelming and intense feelings. These may include feelings of fear, guilt, and shame.

Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse/assault leaves emotional and psychological scares that are not always obvious to others or even yourself. Below are ten of the most common *sexual effects from sexual abuse/assault:

1.           Avoiding sex or being afraid of sex
2.           Approaching sex as an obligation
3.           Experiencing negative feelings such as anger, disgust, or guilt with touch
4.           Having difficulty becoming aroused or feeling sensation
5.           Feeling emotionally distant or not present during sex
6.           Experiencing intrusive or disturbing sexual thoughts and images
7.           Engaging in compulsive or inappropriate sexual behaviors
8.           Experiencing difficulty establishing or maintaining an intimate relationship
9.           Experiencing erectile or ejaculatory difficulties
10.        Experiencing vaginal pain or orgasmic difficulties

* We are designed to be relational and enjoy intimacy, including sexual intimacy with our partner. Sexual issues are not the only areas of one’s life that are affected, usually unsatisfactory sexual relationships are the reason people seek help.

Childhood Abuse/assault leaves emotional and psychological scares that are not always obvious to others or even the victim!

Childhood abuse can happen in many ways, and does not always involve sexual abuse. The emotional damage is as devastating as sexual abuse.

It can be very difficult to talk about sexual abuse and even more difficult to acknowledge that sexual abuse of children of all ages including infants happens every day.

Transformational Coaching develops a working relationship in "creating a future", rather than "getting over" the past.

Male Recovery: Healing childhood wounds for men is possible, someone knowledgeable needs to be present to take witness and hear your story, a story that you probably have never told before.

Female Recovery: Recovery for females from childhood sexual abuse is possible. Once sessions begin to heal the lifetime of gaping wounds, you begin to feel a sense of personal empowerment, and control over your life from the perspective of the adult that you are.

Adolescent(8 yrs. - 18 yrs. old) Recovery: Healing earlier in life rather than living with the emotional pain for years, can lead to a more fulfilling life. (*Cheryl does not work with minors, will refer out).

Transitioning from marketing and contract management, Cheryl was allowed the opportunity to return to school and study my life's dream of working with people in overcoming childhood trauma and abuse. Education includes a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology through Argosy University (2007), and in the home stretch of completing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Capella University. Also, pursuing my Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. specializing in Transpersonal Counseling through the University of Sedona. Trained as a psychotherapist I've come to find a more fulfilling approach to helping others through the practice of "Transformational Coaching".

In the early part of my career I believed in the "absolutes". As I become more in tune with individuality, I find that listening to my intuition and following an organic path with each client allows for a healthier more sustainable outcome; transformational coaching provides for a step beyond traditional psychotherapy, to a higher level of functioning!

Together we learn how to apply analytic thinking from business application and adapt it to creating a catalyst of change. This change occurs when we are able to see full spectrum, our reactions and reactive behaviors.

Finding and making meaning in your life, is ultimately the journey we take together! When you are ready to take a journey of self discovery and achieve healthy personal empowerment, call me. Let the journey begin! Virtual (secure video conferencing) and telephone sessions available.

As your Transformational Coach we can work together in finding new and effective ways for moving forward. Locations and Hours flexible to meet your individual needs (Phoenix, AZ). Telehealth virtual video sessions also available.

All services provided as Transformational Life Coaching, not psychotherapy. Ages: adult (18 - elder). Female & male. Please note, Serious Mental Illness', are NOT appropriate for Coaching, (example: schizophrenia, paranoid psychotic disorders, etc). 

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