Thursday, December 1, 2016

When is Grieving Over?

 Beginnings and endings occur in every area of our life experience; end of relationships, end of careers, end of life. The grieving process is similar in each of these life transitions.

The stages of grief/loss as defined by Kubler-Ross, include:

  1. Denial, "this can't be happening", "I won't believe"
  2. Anger, "blaming someone else", "it's not fair", as well as, physical external and internal expressions of anger.
  3. Bargaining, "begging for time, not now", "I'll be better".
  4. Depression, sometimes deep dark depression will sink in, a depression that others are unable to comprehend or help with.
  5. Acceptance, this stage may take days, weeks, and in some situations years to come to acceptance.

Life as one see's it may never be the same after a significant loss, our reality has been turned upside down. For better or worse, life will be different. How we adjust and adapt to change is tested.

We truly are created for a sense of survival, when any aspect of survival is terminated, is shakes us to the very core of who we are. There are resources available through religious organizations as well as community organizations that can help with the transition of loss. Also, available are individual providers who can offer help and emotional support, as well as direction in how to move forward.  Beginnings and endings, the cycle of life and life's experiences will continue to take place, please seek assistance if you are someone who know is experiencing difficulty with a life transition!


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